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2 important aspects of the internet marketing

by James Murphy


Here are two important aspects of internet marketing that we want to explore. In this post, you’ll learn more about the content and shoppable posts. Let’s do it!

Content is still a king

Content is king. This has been true for years and is becoming increasingly important in online marketing. This trend will continue next year. But it’s not just about including as many keywords or links as possible. Instead, the user should be provided with added value.


That means: The content must be informative and advisory , but also entertaining . User-friendliness also plays a major role. The content of a website should offer the reader the answers he is looking for – and preferably at first glance. This is how you pick up your users and position yourself as experts in your field. The same could be said not only about written or video, but also about audio content. Take a look at Spotify as the best audio platform. You’ll find how audio content is the king there. Start with the easy marketing hacks on Spotify. Upload quality music tracks, buy Spotify followers and stay active on the platform. 


Search engines are increasingly learning to think semantically and understand connections. Good content should therefore cover a topic comprehensively in order to offer the reader all the important information in one place. A targeted combination of different types of content is ideal:


  • Blog posts
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Graphics
  • Social-Media-Posts


This way you pick up your target group and prepare content for them in an interesting way. This can also be seen in the search engine results pages – good content is one of the most important criteria for these rankings. Content marketing and search engine optimization should always go hand in hand in a good online marketing strategy.


With email marketing , you can reach a large number of potential customers at once – and still address them personally. Because the trend in email marketing is towards personalization . Address your target group directly via a newsletter, for example, and send them exactly the information that they collect from where they are in their customer journey. The be-all and end-all for this is the collection and analysis of geographical, demographic and behavioral data of your customers. You can use these to divide customers into different groups that have similar characteristics. By addressing them in a targeted manner, you can minimize wastage and yourIncrease opening and click rates .


Important: Of course, when collecting the data, you must always take into account the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Therefore, make sure that you have the recipient’s express permission for all data collected and that you can delete the data at the recipient’s request at any time.


Shopping through social media

More and more things are happening on the Internet via social media channels. In the meantime, companies can no longer just present themselves there, but also sell their products directly . Customers can shop on platforms like Facebook or Instagram without having to visit another website. You can use these e-shopping tools to creatively advertise your products and, for example, address your target group through storytelling. With targeted advertising, you can reach users at exactly the right time and prompt them to buy via social commerce . This trend will certainly continue to grow in 2021 and beyond. However, you should note that this tool is only one part of the e-commerce solutions. It is a good addition to the classic online shop , but should not completely replace it.



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