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The Most Critical YouTubers of Pop Culture

by James Murphy



Meta Description: On average 720,000 hours of content is constantly being uploaded to YouTube. Here are some great YouTubers to watch and maybe even subscribe to.

YouTube Boom

On average 720 000 hours of content is constantly being uploaded to YouTube. This makes it one of the biggest content hubs with a consistent flow of new video content. You can find absolutely anything your heart desires on this platform, from videos on unlikely animal friends, to answers to engineering questions, to how to grow potatoes in a bucket. Some people even use YouTube as a means to keep up with the news and to help form their own political and social opinions.

The most popular and interesting content creators seem to be those in the pop culture sectors. Pop culture is constantly being critiqued and the most critical YouTube names have garnered their own unique cult fan bases. Their fans consume their content to the point where it helps them to formulate their own opinions on subjects, from current events to music, to games and more. The real question is, who is worth binge watching?


Roaming from Tampa, we have Cr1TiKal. The easy-going Florida man provides a variety of content and posts videos on many things, but mostly when there is something he feels strongly about. You can count on him to voice his opinion in a straightforward and dry but humorous way, which brutalizes or honors whatever the topic may be. He is well respected by YouTube and the community, and his fans are not to be trifled with.


His monotone and deadly serious delivery make him a marvel and entertaining content creator to watch. He had his come-up in the industry through the early days of YouTube, and through streaming on Twitch, where he still spends a large majority of his time when he isn’t erratically tweeting. A lesser-known fact is that Charles is a musician, amongst his many other talents. A gamer at heart and coming from the gaming scene, you can also catch him reviewing and streaming games from time to time, and he is extremely skilled in many shooters, battle royals and MMOs.

Mr. Beast

Jimmy is basically the man with the secret recipe for YouTube success. He has already admitted to having the process of creating a viral video down to a formula. He is a true inspiration and living proof that hard work and dedication pays off, as his life was not always the way it is today.

Mr Beast came from extremely humble beginnings with many failed channels. Despite those never truly taking off, he never gave up. He now makes millions of dollars per month, as every video he uploads goes viral, receiving millions upon millions of views. His content revolves around him giving away insane amounts of money to his fans and friends, further incentivizing his growth. He is not a regular YouTuber since he does not simply do “giveaways” like the other channels do. Other channels promise their subscribers a single item if all of them do a set of tasks, which essentially is just aimed at building their brand, while they only have to give away one thing.

Mr Beast truly changes lives. He is a philanthropist at heart, donating hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per video, to charities, fans, random people and his friends. He gives away multiple massive prizes, and that is the content, not the reward for doing something after consuming the content. He also has multiple successful businesses including the latest successful venture with Beast Burger, his own fast-food chain.



Felix is one of the most integral parts of YouTube history. He is not only the most subscribed influencer on the platform, but is also responsible for inspiring millions of YouTubers to start their own channels and to follow their dreams of stardom.

His gameplay videos created a new format for playing games, while his interactions with his fans, endearing personality and sense of humor made him an unstoppable force. He has had some controversy in the past, but has also shown a lot of growth, apologizing when necessary. He has donated large amounts of his earnings to charity throughout his entire career and lives a very minimalistic life, preferring to keep his personal life private, and is not a larger-than-life personality off the screen.

The Needle Drop (Anthony Fantano)

The Needle Drop and its tie-in website are run by American music critic, musician, vlogger, and YouTuber, Anthony Fantano. He reviews music from various genres on his website and on YouTube, often delivering very critically honest reviews. He takes apart every aspect of many songs from any genre – from the production, to the lyrics, to the delivery – he will dissect the music and give them a score out of 5. He has gained his following by being humorous, while giving more than enough justification for his scathing reviews. This doesn’t mean he’s only critical of music, as he often praises good music.


Often reaction influencers show a severe lack of knowledge on the music industry and do not have very much to offer other than “this is fire” or “this is trash”. Anthony shows you exactly what makes him excited and explains exactly what was right and what was wrong, in his opinion, in terms of the composition itself.

He does get a lot of hate from time to time from various fan bases who don’t agree with his review, however, he does mention it is his personal opinion so there is no need to be offended. The fact that people get so personally invested in his opinion proves his power and influence on the online music scene, and highlights what makes him  a critical part of YouTube’s music culture.



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