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by James Murphy

Streaming is rapidly becoming the most popular way that people are watching films, TV and various other types of content. Of course, the market is dominated by a few big names, but there are also some great alternative streaming platforms available that offer different things than just the latest trending shows and films.

We spoke with TechQuarters, one of the top managed service providers UK businesses place their IT management with. They shared with us their top picks for streaming platforms that you may not have heard of, but that are well worth investigating.



Kanopy offers a range of modern and classic films from many genres and countries; and the service is completely free. The catch is simple: You need to register for it through a library that is part of the scheme. All you need to join is your library card. Unfortunately, not all libraries are part of the scheme, however it is possible to request your local one to join the scheme.


The Criterion Channel

The Criterion Collection have spent decades restoring and re-releasing films of historical and artistic importance. Both contemporary and classic films are released through this distribution company. Their streaming service, the Criterion Channel is an extension of the company, and makes available all the films in their catalogue, and also the catalogue of another distribution company, called Janus Films. The service has over 2,000 contemporary and classic films.



Mubi is a very different service to the likes of Netflix or Amazon Prime. Where the top streaming sites seem to have an endless selection of choice that are mixed & matched, and presented to you based on your account algorithm, Mubi has the opposite approach. It is a curated streaming service, which means that each film is personally selected by a member of the company.

There is no algorithm to influence what films you see; instead, there are curated categories that you can look through. The types of films you’re likely to find on Mubi are world cinema, festival favourites, or the curated works of celebrated filmmakers.


BFI Player

TechQuarters are an IT support company UK businesses have trusted for over a decade, and as a British company, they are definitely partial to British cinema. The British Film Institute has a long history of preserving British cinema, TV and archival footage. Their streaming channel, BFI Player, offers a range of free titles from around the world. Additionally, there are up to 2,000 titles available to rent, and more than 11,000 pieces of content available for free, such as short films, short documentary and non-fiction, and archival footage.


It’s not often that you get IT support providers recommending you a place to stream movies and TV – but hopefully you investigate these recommendations and find something you think is worth it. All of these platforms offer a more interesting selection of films than the typical mainstream platforms, so they are well worth your time.


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