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7 Reasons Why Anime Is Popular All Over The World In 2022

by James Murphy




Meta Description: Anime is more popular than movies, web series, and cartoons in some countries. Find out the primary reasons why anime is so popular all over the world.



Anime was introduced to Western countries a few decades ago. 


However, it was a watershed moment in the popularity of Western-produced animation, as Anime was seen to have a larger audience. 


You may be wondering what makes anime so distinct and popular compared to Disney and other networks. 


There are several aspects to consider. 


For example, the influence of an anime cartoon on an audience is far more significant than that of a western-printed cartoon. You can download the anime from the pirate bay and enjoy it.


Now, let’s find out the reasons why anime is so popular.

What Is Anime?

Anime is a type of cartoon developed or influenced by Japanese animation. All anime shows are cartoons, but not all cartoons are anime. 


The art style connected with anime is distinct and easily recognized. 


You’ve probably seen those huge eyes, unruly hair, long arms and limbs, and other characteristics in anime characters. This exaggerated style allows the characters to convey their emotions more freely, which is abundant in anime.


Technical animation methods like dramatic closeups and zooms, vivid lighting, and dazzling colors all contribute to the emotional mood of anime. 


Apart from that, anime has won fans’ hearts with its fascinating characters and compelling plotlines due to its unusual visual appearance.

Why Is Anime So Popular?

Anime has a large fanbase worldwide, but many people still wonder why anime is so popular. Well, don’t worry. We are here to reveal the 7 primary reasons that make anime such a popular entertainment option. 


Let’s take a look:

1: Animation Style

The animation is what distinguishes anime from other types of cartoons produced in the West. 


To begin, anime creators create a distinct style of art that appeals to both younger and older viewers. 


If you’ve watched any American cartoons, you’ll notice that they cater to children mainly and have a pretty terrible animation style. 


Keeping with the animation theme, eastern artists invest more money and time in making cartoons appear more realistic and attractive to viewers of all ages.

2: Age-Targeted

As previously said, anime cartoon movies and television shows frequently appeal to a diverse range of consumers. Even if a show is aimed at younger boys and girls, many adults like it just as much. 


This is because the creators employ complex concepts, storylines, and moods to express motion-picture-like intensity, making it worth watching. 


Cartoons are often seen as “fun” and are intended solely for the kids’ amusement in the West. 


This is why anime cartoons are so unusual in their capacity to elicit emotion from an audience, and people of different age groups love them.

3: Compelling Storylines

If you’ve ever talked to an anime fan or are one yourself, you’ve probably heard about the emotional quotient of anime cartoons. 


They may make you weep, laugh, or be frustrated, and they know how! 


This is because the idea of anime is to not only bring out humor and animation and connect with an audience. 


An anime will take you on a wild ride from belly-aching laughter to heart-wrenching melancholy. 

4: Productive Learning

Anime cartoons are constructive because you can learn something from them. Sure, the western world has produced some amusing cartoons. 


However, many animes contain inspiring themes, which makes them popular. 


We are not disparaging American animation, but this is something that has become common knowledge. 


Anime cartoons may teach youngsters numerous life lessons that they may not learn from western cartoons. 

5: Well-Developed Characters

We can’t dispute that the United States has given us some memorable characters. However, there is more to the anime world than that. 


When designing characters for such cartoons, the creators bear in mind that the character must be related to the viewer and vice versa. 


Characters in anime do not change their backstories, appearances, or personalities. 


Throughout the series, the audience becomes so devoted to a character that they are deeply impacted if they die or are hurt.

6: Imaginative And Exciting

Western cartoons are more concerned with pleasing children. However, as previously said, anime is a worldwide language. 


This is mostly due to the creativity that went into its creation. 


These cartoons are made with the purpose of creating an intriguing and enticing series that is also relevant. 


Anime cartoons genuinely make you want to watch them and do not repeat the same uninteresting episodes every day.

7: Fighting And Romance Sequences Are Relatable

Since anime cartoons are widely accepted, they can include various elements. 


The depiction of vengeance and combat is excellent. In addition, the execution of these situations, even in animation, is outstanding. 


On the other hand, love is another fantastic feeling that anime represents the finest. Don’t be surprised; after all, it’s for grownups, too, right? 


Fighting and hostility are sometimes characterized as anime specialties. However, romantic animes are likely to be the most popular ones.

Final Thoughts

Western cartoons gradually introduce moral lessons to youngsters, but the anime storytelling style remains unrivaled. They do not attempt to convey any kind of significance or true interactions between the characters, while anime has far more compelling storytelling.


This is why anime is so popular worldwide among viewers of different age groups. So, if you want to know more about it, you can ping us in the comment section.


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