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Fleming Friday: The Bond Music!

by James Murphy

How does one know they are a Bond ‘fan’? As in, maybe, taking it a bit far, on occasion? Well, here is a non exhaustive, by no means entirely empirical list to note:

  • You play it cool, verging on cold, when a girl ends a relationship.
  • You then regret acting like such a knob, brood over it for a decade and vow to hunt down the evil organisation behind your breakup.
  • 007’s lines blurt out of you when trying points 1 and 2, above, with minor modification. ‘I have no armour left’; ‘Don’t think, just let it happen’; ‘Look, if your other suitor is that well connected? That means he’s decided to play against me anyway and that tells me something about him’. Etc.
  • When asked to perform a task? You retort ‘will do’ or ‘very good’, despite not attending to said task because you are too busy being JAMES. BOND.

  • Asked to introduce yourself? You cannot help but pause between the first and second names or vice versa. Because..JAMES..BOND. Especially tempting if one’s name is in fact..James.
  • You don’t have passwords. Instead, ‘access codes’. You wally!
  • Disagreements with authority figures have you thought of as a ‘maverick’, even though your job is civilian and dull, and you get the work done in the end, thereby winning back your supervisor’s approval. Failing which? ‘THEN YOU HAVE MY RESIGNATION, SIR: I am going rogue!’.
  • Cocktails in top hotels, with beautiful women, invariably have all roads leading to Martini. But because you are a knob, you insist on it being ‘stirred, NOT shaken’. (To be fair, that is how a Martini ought taste best and Fleming was just attention seeking, as always).

  • You feel naked if not wearing a suit but secretly use quasi military / tactical gear for workouts and basic domestic chores.
  • Cufflinks: precious things which you weaponise as attire in the field, rather than merely sartorial trinkets.
  • Playing armchair general, a LOT, On facebook et al. ‘If the Russians do xyz’. Stop it. Now. Better, bigger, bolder, braver men than you, do that, for real, away from social media.
  • Generally? You act all nonchalant and behave like a bit of a dick, all the while thinking it’s cute and charming and protesting all too loudly that you do not, in fact, wannabe JAMES. BOND.

But let’s not be needlessly negative or judgmental. One thing we all agree on? JAMES BOND MUSIC is one of life’s joys, regardless of whether one adores the man/character/myth/franchise/brand etc. And with that in mind, I have compiled a little list of the best songs in his canon. Well, I say I did. I outsourced that to our in house music gal: Elizabeth Ertel!

Why did I pick Elizabeth? Well, she actually sings. And is a trusted friend. And guys: yes, I loved the feedback and extra hit count because you thought her pics were ‘sexy’. Fine. Great! But Elizabeth is married. And hubby is very tall, very cool and with a very large estate of land. So dream on! Oh and if you even THINK about trolling her because of a pathetic grudge against the blog? Get help. And expect police, lawyers and hey: JAMES BOND to pay a visit to send a message.¬† ūüôā

Elizabeth: spare me some actual; ‘work’ and take it away!

I’ve started newest to ¬†oldest regarding my favs :

  • No Time to Die 2021¬†:¬† Billie Eilish- 25th and final Daniel Craig and yes I am weeping wink wink.¬† Perfect artist for this final swan song of ¬†Daniel’s.¬† Billie Eilish’s¬†haunting vocals suit perfectly with the fact that James gains his love and a child then dies. I am crying just thinking about it.¬† She truly rocks this heart wrenching song. I truly adore to sing this beauty. Love this….love,love it! Truly evocative¬†.

  • Skyfall-2012 Adele:¬†I mean, come on…it’s ADELE!¬† Crazy wicked lyrics and brilliant melody makes this my second fav.¬† Plus I truly love singing it. Unforgettable to¬†say the least. Again, Daniel Craig …soooo win win here …smiling.

  • Live and Let Die- 1973 Wings….Paul McCartney:¬† Not my fav Bond movie but if ¬†Sir Paul McCartney is working on it…I am in!¬† Roger Moore is Bond in this one…good Bond. More of a silly Bond. The song lends itself to a very thought provoking, then fun Caribbean sort of piece. ¬† Live and let die…kind of says it all.¬† Rather timely I think.

  • Diamonds Are Forever-1971- Shirley Bassey- ¬†Ahhh finally…Sean Connery! Truly the best of the Bonds…well, until Daniel Craig. ¬† ¬†Brilliantly sung by the stunning young Welsh singer, she adds incredible ¬†strength , heart and soul to this stunning song….I mean it’s ¬†about DIAMONDS…..I am a lover of them, ethically ¬†sourced of course !

  • Dr No- 1962¬†: James Bond Theme Song- John Barry Orchestra- No vocals to this , but when you hear it , you know that it is BOND!¬† Nothing more to say…






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