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7 Most Underrated Marvel Movies

by James Murphy




Today, most people around more than just know about Marvel and its amazing bunch of superhero movies. And the list of movies is only increasing with time.


But most people have only followed the most popular ones like the final two Avengers movies (Infinity War and Endgame), Iron Man, and Black Panther. And while this could be enough of a thrill, one can still go deeper into the whole essence of various characters and stories in the Marvel world. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the movies in the Marvel universe that deserve a lot more attention than they’ve got.


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In no particular order, here are 7 of the most underrated Marvel movies.


1) Avengers – Age of Ultron (2015)


Even though some people did not quite like this movie, it still has plenty of fans around the world. And for a good reason. This classic shows the emergence of the Mind Stone and introduces new characters like Vision, Quicksilver, and Wanda.


The movie follows Tony Stark’s peacekeeping plan to safeguard the Earth. But things soon go wrong when Ultron (the antagonist robot) emerges from the technologies used by Stark. Ultron plans to wipe out humans and this causes the Avengers, including their newest recruits, to unite and join the crusade. The plot of the movie is well thought out and the storyline and screenplay are well arranged making it a great watch.


This movie is underrated because it offers various action-packed scenes, emotional waves, and humorous quips. It also connects the story between the first and the rest of the Avenger movies in the perfect way.


2) Iron Man 3 (2013)


The events of this movie are set after the violent and unprecedented attack in New York – as shown in the first Avengers movie. For this reason, Tony becomes obsessed with trying to safeguard the Earth with what he knows how to use best – his suits. But things shake up when the Mandarin threatens to destroy his whole world.


Then, taken back to scratch, Tony must fight his inner demons to not only beat a crazy enemy with crazy weapons but also protect the ones he loves most.


This movie is perfect because it provides several insights into Tony Stark – the human being. And the movie connects well with audiences because he goes through a lot of hardship to ultimately redeem himself.


3) Doctor Strange (2016)


The story follows the life of a skilled and successful surgeon – Doctor Stephen Strange – whose life takes a tragic turn after a car accident. After medicinal remedies fail him, he goes on a journey to rectify his injuries through ancient healing techniques. Very soon, he is taken into a world of magic and darkness and must choose between either returning to his old life or defending the fabrics of reality against dark forces as a sorcerer. 


Even those who do not like Marvel or superheroes movies can still enjoy the stunning cinematic and visual effects in the movie. This movie is truly underrated in itself and as a connecting movie between the whole twenty-five movie series. Also, Doctor Strange goes on to play a pivotal role in the events that unravel towards the end of the series.


4) Captain Marvel (2019)


Although this superhero flick did well at the box offices, it is still underrated. And this is even more surprising because Captain Marvel is Marvel’s first full-fledged woman-led superhero film.


The movie follows the story of Carol Danvers who appears as a US Air Force agent but is drawn into the midst of a war between two alien races – Kree and Skrulls. As the plot unfolds, Danvers attempts a suicidal mission which ends up making her one of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe. After realizing her full potential and powers, she helps the Skrulls beat the Krees and becomes one of Earth’s protectors.


Captain Marvel also goes on to become one of the most powerful and prominent characters towards the end of the series.


5) Thor – The Dark World (2013)


It has often been confusing to many as to how and why Thor – the Dark World isn’t spoken about enough. This Marvel movie features several layers of action, emotion, and dark forces within Marvel’s universe. This movie is underrated because it shows the importance of the Infinity Stones, goes deeper into Loki’s character, and has a special cameo by Captain America himself!


The story follows day-to-day life in Asgard and on Earth until Jane Foster finds a mystical dark weapon and mistakenly absorbs it. In the Marvel reality, this weapon – known as the Aether – is the power source for a once neutralized evil race of aliens known as the Dark Elves.


Thor then brings Jane, the love of this life, to Asgard to protect her from Malekith and his evil forces. But, Malekith is strong, determined, and possesses a huge army of dark elves who will stop at nothing to get the precious Aether. Thor and his warrior friends must then plunge to defeat the elves and their evil plan of wiping out life across the nine realms – including Earth.


6) Captain America – The First Avenger (2011)


Captain America goes back to the very beginning (the 1940s) of how Steve Rogers became Captain America. Howard Stark – a much-anticipated character in the series – recruits Steve for an experiment to turn him into a super-soldier. Then, with the help of his mates – Bucky Barnes and Peggy Carter – he leads the American forces against the HYDRA and Nazi soldiers.


This movie is worth watching because it shows the transformation of a scrawny Steve Rogers to a super-soldier – Captain America. The old-school technology and fighting sequences also layer the storyline with great finesse. Later, Agent Peggy Carter played by Hayley Atwell also continued to play a lead role in the television spin-off – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


The Bottom Line


The Marvel universe and all its twenty-first-century films have been some of the biggest and most popular superhero films of all time. But, because of the sheer number of films and characters, some of them were left behind in their overall likeability and reach. The above list contains all the necessary information for those who wish to go deeper into Marvel reality and learn about their favorite characters and stories.


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