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The Book of Boba Fett

by James Murphy



To some Star Wars fans, the series has been a hit and to others not been so much. The recent series has been hyped up to be one of the best follow-on series that has come since the other Star Wars series that is on Disney Plus now. Many fans have been putting some bets on to see if there will be a follow-on season for Boba Fett or not with these betting sites not on gamstop that are being used by Star Wars fans to bet against their friends if the season 2 will go ahead.


Previous series


There have been the previous series before the book of Boba Fett was released with series such as the Mandalorian, Bad Batch, Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars Resistance which have all been successful series on Disney Plus and gave us a better insight into how characters in the films and other series come about and their life stories into how they become the characters that they did. 


The first season of Boba Fett was action-packed and a follow on from the last episodes of The Mandalorian. We get to see Boba Fett presumed to be dead only to be rescued by the Tuskan Raiders who later teach him the ways that they live and turn him into one of their own. The season pans out to show how Boba Fett takes control of the Hutt’s and uses his power to defend and occupy his planet. Towards the end of the last episode, we see Fett defend his territory from the Pikes who are looking to set up an illegal spice trade which leads Fett to fight with serial killer Cad Bane whom he eventually ends up killing. 


Will there be a season 2?


We expect that there will be a season two with the way the first season ended with baby Grogu returning to be reunited with the Mandalorian, so we would assume that the next season will show us how Grogu continues his training to become a Jedi Master with the force. There is another Star Wars series set to come out soon which is about Skywalker and how his life has come about, the two seasons could somehow meet up with each other but there is no information on this just yet.


As you can see above it is expected that there will be a season 2 but this is yet to be agreed or they are keeping it a secret, for now, to keep our fans waiting.



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