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Oppenheimer! Why Nolan/Branagh/Downey = Match made in Movie Heaven!

by James Murphy

The first teaser for OPPENHEIMER has launched. 

*Photo by Giorgia Meschini*

There is a truly majestic cast. I cannot even begin to list them all. But there are standouts.

Notably, this is Christopher Nolan, directing both Sir Kenneth Branagh and Robert Downey Jr. In one movie! Why does that make so much sense? Well..

1: All three are innovators. Genius mavericks, playing both within and against the established system of Hollywood.

2: Downey and Branagh are Shakespearean veterans. Indeed, I would love to see Tony Stark as Richard 3rd, under Sir Ken’s direction?

3: Nolan and Branagh are basically, brothers, as in separated at birth? They look, move, talk and think alike. Both have been lauded as untouchable next big things. Rightly so. Equally, they have suffered the occasional misfire, thereby causing people to question the directors’ talents (in turn, ensuring a massive bounce-back/comeback etc as logical, linear riposte).

4: MARVEL/DC/BEYOND: Each man knows how to mine literate and mature motifs from the more commercial materials of super-hero fun. OPPENHEIMER completes that arc (reactor). Nolan’s Batman is a hero who crafts a vision of his city in a certain utopian mould, only to realise the error of such control. Downey’s Tony Stark builds the ultimate tool for peace, yet thereby begins an eternal war? And THOR / JACK RYAN and so on, from Sir Ken, all possess Shakespearean dynamics and lush love of story telling, amidst the fantastical fun. So this new ‘serious’ collaboration is an extension of rather than mere antidote to, the box office form of all three creatives in question here.

5: OSCAR! Yes, Branagh won an Academy award foe BELFAST. Long overdue! But Nolan and Downey are yet to secure that statuette and they deserve one, each. Hopefully, it is OPPENHEIMER that rectifies the Oscar oversight?!

OPPENHEIMER is opening next year. We will keep you posted on its promotional progress. Good luck to all involved!

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