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Hey! Male Movie Stars get older, too. DEAL WITH IT.

by James Murphy

Interesting thing. I noted, of late, a sinister trend. Fans. Or so called, fans, anyway..


See, we THINK it’s just a lady actor thing. It is not. Seriously. Does anyone have a go at Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, Jane Fonda et al? No. They are sexy as anything, ageless. Timeless.

Dynamic has reversed. Or inversed? Inverted sexism. Against DUDES.

Allow me to use examples to relate to facts, explain and conclude.


  • Yeah. Robert got OLDER. He is 57. As in, Roger Moore circa VIEW TO A KILL. That is older. It is not past it or old, old. Problem? Aesthetically: Robert refuses to Botox to hilt or dye his hair or be a wally about it.
  • He could and indeed should, therefore, now embrace his inner indy filmmaker. Go rogue. Off grid, even. Make the kinds of movies he did as a young kid. Before IRON MAN. He has started that journey, via FOOTPRINT COALITION and SENIOR.


  • But? he is still a bona fide MOVIE STAR. What perhaps, Downey does not ‘get’ is that fans are an entitled bunch of catty twits on social media. They WILL be out to get you and will bitch, accordingly, if you do not give them Tony Stark/ Chaplin/Sherlock Holmes every few years. So: solution?


  • Go the SEAN CONNERY route. IE: negotiate a good deal with MARVEL and Warners, both of whom are now under new management.
  • As in: yeah, I will come back as Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes et al. I will play Lex Luthor or whatever. But in return? ‘As well as the hard cash? Gimme a three picture funded deal to make independent spirit cinema’. Denzel Washington does that: ‘one for me, one for them’. Ditto, Clooney, Spielberg et al. Dun Deal. The end?


  • You will find, my hero, that people miraculously start ignoring the age and embracing the talent if you just give them what they want, to get what YOU want, as a creative artist? Either that or just chill, relax, wave two fingers and enjoy life.


  • But if you are ‘there’, even semi still in spotlight then yeah, alas, you must play the game, albeit on your terms. Marvel are flopping without you. Go figure. They WILL come back to you, cap in hand.
  • Meantime, ignore the trolls and do not give into any glossy/touched up/filtered nonsense. You rock. 


  • HARRISON FORD: A masterclass in how to age. Except, not. Harrison: you made a few mistakes. Making people wait so long between INDIANA JONES pictures. Picking some really shit movies in between. On one hand, moving beyond your action hero adventure serial idol credentials then retreating back to them? Not a good plan. That said? You did take control of getting older. By always playing older. Very clever. Grumpy, growly etc. Even in your 30s and 40s.


  • Ergo, you aged up, then down then back again, depending on how you felt. Frequently announcing retreat, only to advance again. Love it. I do that, myself. Where you backfired in your own strategy, maybe? Was in not allowing a re-cast of/emphasis on the son of Indiana Jones.


  • Once again, I refer to the Sean Connery precedent. You could still own that franchise. But as the lost Dad to be rescued etc. That is not the same as playing it weak/infirm/redundant. Just not front and centre of the action. Because that sort of thing invites the de-aged CGI tactic which, inevitably, also enables fan cattiness about your AGE. 



He has things half right. As in: ‘one for me, one for them’. But what he does not ‘get’ is that the latter choices MUST now be a more action /white collar professional style.

As in: yes, give us your Bruce Wayne and thereby OWN BATMAN AND ROBIN? Bring back Dr Doug Ross, from ER. Etc. HBO MAX will do a deal, if you will? That way? You will not be judged on whether you still cut it as a romantic lead, because the sex appeal and style come from the aura of dynamic charisma and control.


Yes, the character, not the actors. Because each actor has their own journey.

Daniel Craig: yeah, you have KNIVES OUT, now. Great! The character is a detective And he’s gay etc. Fine! But you KILLED JAMES BOND. To move on, right? SO WHY KEEP DOING OMEGA WATCH ads, in the tux etc?

BIT of a double standard, wot? As is releasing your latest movie for five minutes in cinema, before dumping it on Netflix. Dude. That’s just not cricket. Choose a side. Or at least, have a coda to NO TIME TO DIE where your Bond lived and then make two more 007 pictures before playing M, or Morse or whatever. I love your work. But.

That said? Next up.. TIMOTHY DALTON: You can do better than second fiddle cameo in THE CROWN. Jonathan Pryce had more screen-time ffs. And yes, you play the baddie in the YELLOWSTONE spin off. But you could and should be another Olivier. There’s time. Team with Downey, maybe? Do Richard III! 

Meanwhile? PIERCE BROSNAN is doing just fine. Had a nice turn in BLACK ADAM. Still needs a hit for himself, though? Produce that THOMAS CROWN pre-se-quel? Or shoot a cameo as older Bond in the next 007 epic if indeed, it is a 90s period piece, with a surprise at the end? Just a thought.

Ok. That is a non exhaustive yet extensive list. MEN GET OLDER. EVEN IF MOVIE STARS. It’s all about HOW they manage that transition. Give them a break, yeah? Equally, though: men, it is indeed, ‘on’ you, to keep WINNING.. 




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