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The Most Interesting Documentaries about Vaping: A Review Of 5

by James Murphy

Vaping is still new. Therefore, some people need time to understand it better. Myths and misconceptions surrounding it continue to influence people’s attitudes and behavior toward it. Despite a considerable body of literature on vaping, myths and misinformation persist. Some of the material on the internet spreads myths and misconceptions about vaping. However, you can find exciting documentaries about vaping and products for vapers.

Watching documentaries is among the best ways to learn about vaping. There are many documentary films on vaping that focus on various aspects ranging from myths to the effects. Watching these documentaries can be an exciting way to learn about this behavior. However, so many documentaries about vaping products can make it challenging to pick the best ones to watch.

People have used documentaries as important learning media in different contexts ranging from schools to society. Also, you can learn about vaping styles, a vape mod, and even the history of vaping from these documentaries. This article helps push people to know about this habit by identifying and recommending the best vaping documentaries.

Watching documentaries on vaping can also effectively represent or show the social issue of vaping. According to one study, documentary films present a powerful medium for conveying social issues. On that basis, the following are some of the best vaping documentaries to watch.

1.    E-Cigarettes: Welcome Back, Big Tobacco

E-Cigarettes: Welcome Back, Big Tobacco is a 2016 documentary produced by one of the most reputable documentary channels in the world, The Fifth Estate. It provides an in-depth analysis of vaping, including the increased use of e-cigarettes in countries like England. According to this documentary, e-cigarettes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes.

Watching it also educates you about the pros and cons of vaping. And this is important considering the ongoing debate and myths surrounding the issue. However, using different sources of evidence, including expert opinions, the documentary encourages countries like Canada to embrace vaping for its health and economic benefits.

A vital element of the documentary is its ability to confront the most common debates and arguments surrounding vaping, especially the one pitting supporters of vaping on one side and supporters of smoking on the other. This documentary goes deep into experiments that show vaping as a better option than smoking. Some people have described it as a vape mode documentary.

2.    A Billion Lives

A billion Lives documentary first aired in 2016. Aaron Biebert, who is also the narrator, directed it. The documentary is an eye-opener to the general public about the role of government, pharmaceutical companies, and some public health officials in creating a negative perception of vaping as a way of protecting and promoting smoking and the tobacco industry.

The film has two main parts. The first part focuses on the tobacco industry’s threat, including the projected deaths of a billion people because of tobacco-related problems like cancer. It exposes the dirty underbelly of an industry whose primary goal is profits at the expense of the health and lives of smokers. It highlights the role of government and public health officials in helping the industry challenge any potential contender.

In the second part, the documentary focuses on vaping. It features interviews with respected experts, including Dr. Derek Yach, who once led World Health Organization’s tobacco control. It clearly shows why vaping is much safer and better than smoking and how it could save a billion lives. A Billion Lives is a documentary to watch and learn the truth about vaping especially the government and pharmaceutical companies’ role.

3.    Top 5 Extraordinary E-cigarettes

Top 5 Extraordinary E-cigarettes is a short documentary by WatchMojo. It is one that genuinely debunks some of the central myths surrounding vaping and e-cigarettes. This 2015 documentary deals with vaping risks and nicotine’s role. It goes into issues of e-cigarette usage that is on the increase, especially among young people. The documentary notes the essence of marketing in this trend.

You will also learn about the controversies surrounding vaping. For instance, it addresses the safety of e-cigarettes vis-à-vis smoking, with views on both sides featured. Also, you will learn that no scientific evidence proves that vaping is safer than smoking when you watch this documentary. Nevertheless, it is ideal for watching when you want to acquaint yourself with vaping.

4.    E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace?

The Miracle or Menace is an excellent documentary to learn about the effects of e-cigarettes. It features the real life of Michael Mosley, who has been a tobacco addict for many years and is now trying e-cigarettes to see the effects. From his life experience, we learn that e-cigarettes are not entirely safe. However, experimentation with other smokers shows that vaping can help reduce or stop smoking.

You will be surprised to learn that even the best vape contains some health risks. An exciting feature of the documentary is the flavors used in mode vape, which also pose some immediate dangers to the vaper and passive risks to those nearby. It’s a fascinating documentary to unravel the mystery of e-cigarettes.

5.    Thank You For Vaping

Thank You for Vaping is another fascinating vaping documentary released in 2014. Whether you are among those who prefer the best vape mod or not, this documentary will inform you about the positive and negative sides of vaping.

The short documentary by the New Yorker features individuals on both sides of the vaping debate. Something important you will get from watching this documentary is the significant levels of misinformation about e-cigarettes and vaping. For example, the documentary tries to show why e-cigarette companies are introducing unique flavors to convince people about their safety compared to smoking.


Despite the growing popularity of vaping, there is a shortage of knowledge about the real effects on the population’s health. With so much information painting a positive image of vaping and e-cigarettes on the internet, finding and watching good vaping documentaries is a better way to get accurate data about vaping. For instance, the American Lung Association describes a teen that has used a documentary to create awareness about vaping dangers. Therefore, documentaries can be an excellent vaping information sources. Whether you are a simple mod vape user or a veteran vaper, you have much to learn about vaping. These five documentaries can teach you more about vaping while changing your perception of vaping.




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