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How to Go Viral on TikTok :  3 Best Promotion Ways for Newbies

by James Murphy


Do you want  to become popular on TikTok and achieve virality? Well, your desire is quite understandable, every second active Internet user seems to think about it. Even 5 years ago, we couldn’t have imagined that an application for children and teenagers would become so popular, but we see that it has happened – youth video hosting has become one of the most visited resources in 2022.


Despite the variety of content and a huge number of new bloggers, it is still possible to become competitive. Regardless of your topic and the age of the audience, anyone can succeed on the platform. But how? What ways of promotion should be in your promotion strategy to attract an audience faster and more effectively? We’ll talk about this in the article; here we’ve collected the 3 best ways to go viral as quickly as possible and improve your social authority. Read on!


Purchasing subscribers


Contrary to many stereotypes, using paid services is still one of the best ways to make your page more attractive and significantly improve its statistics. Yes, it is necessary, first of all, so that your clips get into trends more often and become more visible. This is the most important thing you should strive for – to make videos valuable to algorithms and prove their high quality. The more views you get (and you’ll get when you buy TikTok followers), the higher the chance of going viral. Your videos will get more  likes and views every day, contributing to the growth of the audience. 


But in order not to waste money in vain, you need to know about one feature – all delivered subs must be exclusively authentic. Bots and fakes, which are offered by many advertising companies, don’t benefit, on the contrary, worsen a social position on the platform. Approach the choice of the company wisely and don’t rely only on beautiful words, they should be confirmed by a bunch of positive reviews from previous clients.


Publishing content everywhere


According to statistics, most of the popular short clips on other resources are the author’s content from here. This is not surprising, because the youth platform is the beginning of this trend. Users have fallen in love with such a format; it is simple, clear and interesting. Here’s what, if you want to make videos viral, don’t rely only on the algorithms of one platform. The best solution for makers is to go beyond one resource and start posting everywhere. 


Do you’ve an Instagram and YouTube account? Great, upload a couple of the most successful clips here – fans of Reels and Shorts are very likely to see your content. Keep in mind that each publication should be accompanied by a link to the original source. So you’ll kill two birds with one stone – you’ll become more famous in general and promote a new account. Nice!


Using trending music

Did you know that in the youth network all viewers watch videos with the sound turned on? This is a big difference from Instagram, where many turns off the music and read the written text. Here you’ve to show your creative nature and include the most popular and current trends in clips. As we said earlier, the future of clips and its visibility depends on the number of views. Analyze new videos of famous creators to find out what is popular now and use this knowledge correctly. Good luck!



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