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Lineker. The very last Word?

by James Murphy

So! They did MATCH OF THE DAY (UK, Sports based, footie show)

And the viewing figures/ratings went UP. WITHOUT GARY LINEKER! (They should hire Amanda Davies; but BBC probably cannot outbid CNN?). 

What does this new viewing figure spike, tell you? Especially when most predicted a decline in ratings (heck, even I thought nobody would tune in). 

Well, maybe people were curious to see how it all went down?



Despite all the social media love? Lineker is simply in the WRONG, here?


BBC = public service, broadcaster. As in, they work for the VIEWING PUBLIC. Because we pay for that. So, if Lineker wishes, as private citizen, to voice a political view? He can, and indeed, should, on point of principle, do so, without a BBC contract? I am sure many companies would hire him. He knows that.

Talented footballer. Great commentator. Likeable bloke. It isn’t rocket science. Gary: go to the private sector and THEN voice EVERYTHING? Til that time? Shurrup. Not censorship. Just basic contractual/commercial distinctions and audience appreciation. VERY. SIMPLE. 

That said, whichever broadcaster Lineker uses..


People do NOT like comparisons to Nazi Germany, however coded/implicit/obscure. Granted, Lineker has been paraphrased, poorly and never called any policy ‘Nazi’. There was no explicitly anti Tory bias in anything he said, at first sight.

But, to discuss language of a policy is to, prima facie, nowadays, cite policy itself. And that is, yes, party political. Which, in turn, jeopardises the sheen of neutrality for a public broadcaster -funded-impartial, sports pundit.

Such distinctions preserve free speech, even if they do not enable unfettered expression. So to view Gary as some heroic champion who will not be (or perhaps, has been?) ‘silenced’? No. Raise the bar, please. 

And if you do reference 1930s Germany, it’s a fair bet you mean Nazis, right?

Unless Lineker was being super-duper clever and implying that our Government were a kind of deutero-Weimar Republic? Once again, ironic, as he would have fit right into that complacent, pampered regime imho, and thereby, helped not prevented, the rise of something far scarier?


Lineker has been censured. NOT ‘censored’. Did either Government or BBC take down his tweets/comments? NO! But in his, arguably (?), arrogant refusal to apologise for the offence he might have caused by making the comparisons he did? A perilously close to having licence fee scrapped yet usually super lefty woke BBC were forced, to stand him down, for a bit. Sadly, he will probably be back. As will the disciples who joined Lineker in ‘solidarity’. Thereby ensuring this was all, much ado, about not much!

Speaking of which..The real issue. The Bigger Picture. The ACTUAL victims. The ‘voiceless’, whom Lineker claims to represent, despite upstaging, entirely, albeit, accidentally..


NOBODY, it seems, is talking about asylum. Tragic. Heartbreaking. 

As in: how to protect the most vulnerable, reduce numbers to do so and ensure an end to people being forced onto boats and into slave labour once they arrive in the UK.

THAT is what the policy is about. It is to stem the rise of tomorrow’s Nazi, not to pander toward some crypto-fascistic or extreme/ racist agenda. A brutal volte face, handled, with the usually muddled and rushed almost spin yet not quite there yet speech posturing by our PM, Mr Sunak.

But NECESSARY. NOW. As a last hope, even. FOR the genuinely oppressed, AGAINST those who exploit their vulnerabilities, knowing fully well, that a complacent media – middle class, in Britain, will ‘nimby’ their way out of taking a stance, whilst left and right wings pick up the social media cargo in the wake. 

Cue: Very sad times whereby many are chanting in harmony with Lineker as though he is some martyr for free speech. Yet so few are actually drawing attention to the cause about which he was supposedly campaigning/tweeting from safety?

Footballers, it seems, and ex ones = new leaders? Our Gladiators, rebelling against Roman Emperor overlords? Fine. But also, nah. Not ok. Especially when judged, on the strength, of one’s friends/allies? 



Lineker’s highest profile supporters include JEREMY CORBYN and PIERS MORGAN and ALISTAIR CAMPBELL. THINK about that. For ONE second. Yep. 


This is a farce. A mess. Entirely avoidable by BBC, Government and Lineker and his army of adoring followers. But in its way? A most encouraging triumph, too.

A timely reminder! Hashtags and social media bully blackmail do NOT represent the pulse of a nation. The British people, on the whole, do not care to be lectured, talked down to or have an elected government and its policy (whether popular or otherwise) compared to the scum of humanity, however accidentally or syllogistically. 

THE END? Here’s hoping..

PS: Yes, I know. Viewing figures MIGHT have gone up out of sheer curiosity regarding how the show would look, without presenters. Even so..


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