Release Date:
November 13th, 2009

Plot Synopsis:
An academic researcher leads a group of people in a fight to counteract the apocalyptic events that were predicted by the ancient Mayan calendar.

Notable Cast & Crew:
Roland Emmerich (Director & Writer)
John Cusack (as Jackson Curtis)
Woody Harrelson (as Charlie Frost)
Danny Glover (as President Wilson)

Official Websites:

Confirmed Viral:
Institute for Human Continuity (Organization taking precautions for world destruction in 2012)Homepage ; Twitter ; YouTube
Charlie Frost (Hippie-like guy who predicts the world will end in 2012)HomepageTwitterYouTube
Farewell Atlantis (Novel by Jackson Curtis about 2012 and Mayan prophecy)Homepage ; Facebook
Corruption Theory (blog of an unnamed Government employee) – Homepage
News Done Right (news page that follows the IHC)Homepage
Soren Ulfert (Recently-fired IHC Communication Director) – Homepage ; Twitter ; YouTube
Aerospace Robotics Corp. (Industry leader in aerospace engineering and innovation)Homepage
Hudson Cameron Press(Publisher of Jackson Curtis’ book “Farewell Atlantis“)Homepage

Speculative Viral:

Other Links:
2012 news on
2012 on MovieViral Forum


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